Blog: CSS

29 Nov 2018
TIL that applying a stroke colour with CSS can make SVG icons look strange
16 May 2016
Feeling pleased with myself that I got Drupal and Flexbox to play nicely together, even though an old-fashioned approach may have made more sense.
25 Apr 2016
Simple slideshows without modules or JavaScript with Sass in Drupal 8
1 Mar 2016
The pendulum of complexity is swinging, but Grunt and Gulp are useful tools, just like Photoshop and ProTools
24 Mar 2014
Having used Sass for a while now, I’d never go back to straight CSS. Compass is also a great time-saving extension, particularly for generating sprites. Recently I came across a surprising bug in a site I was building.
22 Jan 2014
Recently I was working on a site where the design for table rows called for the row to be highlighted on hover with a border. Seemed simple enough, but the first attempt didn't work:
30 Sep 2013
When writing CSS for a Drupal 7 theme, it's easy to forget that core includes utility classes.
29 Jan 2013
I've been a fan of box-sizing: border-box ever since reading Paul Irish's article * { box-sizing: border-box } FTW I use it on most projects, and find that it really speeds things up, and makes setting out grids much easier, especially when using Sass and Compass. In a few places, though, you need to be a bit careful.