Blog: music

22 Oct 2014
I like cover versions. At least I do when they're doing something interesting with the song. I don't really see the point of recording straight copies of songs - it would be like a tribute band making an album.
11 Mar 2014
A conversation the other day reminded me about when my old band was big in Japan. Well, medium-sized in Japan, anyway.
5 Apr 2013
I went to a blues gig recently, and I'm not sure why, but the whole thing just felt wrong. The thing about white men playing the blues has been done to death, but it is odd that an evening of music from poor black America should be full of pale home counties faces.
26 Jun 2011
It's Sunday evening and I've just come home and turned on the TV to see Beyoncé's set at Glastonbury. The band are tight, Crazy In Love sounds fantastic, and I'm sure it would be a great gig to watch. So why does the whole thing make me glad that I didn't bother?