Blog: productivity

9 Jun 2015
I must confess to being mildly obsessed with my Strava statistics. I love knowing how steep the hills are that I've ridden up, and how many hundreds of people are faster or slower than me. One of the features I like is the ability to set yourself weekly goals for cycling and running.
10 Apr 2014
Sometimes I think there's too much democracy in the workplace, and that what we need is benevolent dictatorship. There's too much taking account of how everyone feels about an issue, too much talking around the issues, too little action. In short, too many meetings.
9 Oct 2013
An email arrives from a client with a bug report. It's not critical and I'm busy working on something else. What I should say is "raise a ticket and we'll investigate in due course", but still it's a struggle to stop myself from jumping out of my current task and straight into it.
26 Dec 2011
I'm a sucker for articles on sites like Lifehacker about online productivity tools. I've tried loads of apps and online to-do lists, but I still think nothing beats writing a list on a piece of paper, and putting that piece of paper somewhere obvious, like just above your computer monitor. 
3 Aug 2011
There are so many useful shortcuts in most pieces of software, and you can usually customise them as well. When developing, I use Netbeans IDE, and it has a lot of good stuff, that I wish I'd known about a lot earlier. Here are some that I use all the time: