Blog: workflow

27 Apr 2018
If we can't entirely break down the wall that designs are thrown over, let's at least put a gate in it.
1 Mar 2016
The pendulum of complexity is swinging, but Grunt and Gulp are useful tools, just like Photoshop and ProTools
9 Oct 2015
The hows and whys of making code review part of a development workflow
21 Oct 2014
On the importance of systems-based thinking in design and development for large projects
12 Jun 2014
Recently I had to investigate a strange bug that only happened on our pre-production environment. Code that was fine all through our other development and test environments was causing a white screen of death on the home page. Not good.
12 Jul 2012
I've been involved in quite a few UAT sessions with clients, and they can be very frustrating for a developer. You've spent weeks working on something only for someone who knows next to nothing about it to say that it's all terrible.