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Why do art, literature and music matter less to me now that I'm middle aged?
One of the problems with our information age is that there's always something incoming, demanding our attention. Podcasts and RSS feeds are great, but sometimes they can feel like a bit of a chore, another thing for the to-do list. I’m the kind of person who wants to live in a state of inbox zero - I have a minor freakout when I see the number of unread messages some people have.
Of all the celebrity deaths in 2016 that might have provoked me to write a few words, it feels somehow incongruous that it should be Rick Parfitt from Status Quo.
Somehow, the penny has never dropped for me with The Boss. Plenty of people whose musical taste I respect rave about what a genius he is, so I feel like I should like him too. I’ve tried to like him, but for some reason, things have never quite clicked, and it feels like somehow I’m failing in my duties as a middle-aged music fan. I know that some music is an acquired taste - maybe I need to get used to it, the same way that people need to get used to the taste of beer or wine. But he’s hardly difficult listening, so why doesn’t he do it for me?
A gentle rant about some of the irritations of modern life, including the ridiculous hyperbole of Zane Lowe and Jonathan Pearce
Why abbreviations can be more trouble than they're worth.
It's Sunday evening and I've just come home and turned on the TV to see Beyoncé's set at Glastonbury. The band are tight, Crazy In Love sounds fantastic, and I'm sure it would be a great gig to watch. So why does the whole thing make me glad that I didn't bother?
A while ago I went to a gig with a friend. As the lights went down, my friend took her phone out of her pocket and started fiddling around with it. The bright light of the screen distracted me from the show, and I couldn't stop myself from looking what she was up to. She was on twitter, telling people she was at the gig. People watching half the gig through camera phones are annoying enough, but this just seemed pointless to me. I wondered why she couldn't just sit back and enjoy the show.