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After the recent terrorist attack at London Bridge, safety barriers appeared, as if by magic, on the bridges over the Thames. Protecting pedestrians from vehicles being driven at them, surely that's a good idea, right? I wasn't so sure.
On the moral dilemma facing a cyclist at an empty set of traffic lights in the middle of the night.
As I was cycling to work recently, I had to stop and wait while a lollipop lady held up the traffic. After the first wave of kids had crossed, she stayed there, waiting for a few more to get to the crossing. A queue of traffic was starting to build behind me, frustration rising in all of us keen to clock on.
Why do we put ourselves through the pain of riding bikes up hills, just to ride down them again? Is cycling a different form of masochism from running?
What to do when your phone thinks you’ve run faster than any human in history
I didn't plan on making any resolutions this year. Or rather, I didn't get round to making any, and the usual ones apply just like they do every year. Exercise more, drink less, think more, write more, be kinder to myself and others. That ought to cover it. But I'll be turning 40 in October, and I feel like I should have some great adventure before then, make some epic journey. Easier said than done with a wife, a daughter and a job, though, plus we'll probably be moving house twice this year.