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Some thoughts on the most important qualities for a senior developer.
Coming out as someone with anxiety and depression, the value and risk of open source contribution, and the importance of openness for mental health.
Ahead of the recent tube strike, a colleague asked for advice on getting from Vauxhall to Euston. Never mind that there's a bus that goes really close, the responses were impressively varied, and some of them were mind-bogglingly Heath Robinson approaches to the problem. One suggestion involved going via Clapham, Willesden, and Watford.
Very often, junior colleagues ask me what they should do in a particular situation. Very often, to the point where I feel like a broken record, my answer is "Use your judgement”. This is partly because I don’t have as much time as I’d like to guide them through how I would approach the situation, but mostly it’s because I want them to be able to figure it out for themselves.
My employer recently rationalised job titles, so I went from being a Project Leader to a Software Engineer Lead. I wouldn't mind, but I'd only just got round to changing my email signature. Previously I'd been a Developer. The new title sounds very grand, although in our company it is more junior than senior software engineer. Another colleague who does more or less the same thing, and is at the same grade, is a Front End Consultant.
A while ago I started using Google Plus. I'm yet to be convinced of it's value, but I'll stick with it. As with Twitter, I started following a few people I know of through the Drupal community, including Earl Miles, the creator of the Views module. I've never met Earl, but he seems like he really knows his stuff. I use Views all the time, and thought he might be a useful person to follow.