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Working with the grain of web technology to give clients what they need, rather than struggling against it to try and give them what they want. Along the way, introducing two new Drupal modules: CKEditor Datetime and Image Styles Display
The importance of taking time to think about where we're going
A new Drupal 8 module for managing single page JavaScript application configuration
TIL that applying a stroke colour with CSS can make SVG icons look strange
If we can't entirely break down the wall that designs are thrown over, let's at least put a gate in it.
Introducing the Knowledge Funeral - an opportunity to mourn and celebrate the passing of our obsolete skills
Reporting from the Lead Developer conference London 2017
Why developers might need to slow down when their project is behind schedule.
We're moving house soon, and we're planning to rent out the flat we live in now. We could use an estate agent, and get the flat up on all the usual property boards. But, in the spirit of the IndieWeb, and because we don't want to pay commission to agents, we decided to put up our own website advertising the flat. As with most developers, as soon as I had the idea of a project, my mind was racing with possibilities, and I had to stop myself from jumping straight into a code editor.
A few years ago, following an overnight deployment, I managed to delete a large proportion of the content on a client’s website. There are all kinds of excuses I could make, but the fact is that I did something stupid because I wasn't concentrating properly. The deployment had introduced some odd bugs, and the client were making a lot of noise about them. In my sleep-deprived state, I made a bad choice about the right way to fix a problem, and my choice caused a bigger problem.