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Looking back at the Lead Developer London conference 2018
As parents, we all want our children to learn new skills, but sometimes a little learning is a dangerous thing. As a friend once said, “you spend ages trying to get your kids to talk, and once they do, you wish they’d shut up”. At the moment, one skill my daughter has unfortunately learned is the ability to make Spotify repeat the same song forever.
How the patterns and puzzles of Japanese drew me in to climb a language learning ladder
Introducing the Knowledge Funeral - an opportunity to mourn and celebrate the passing of our obsolete skills
A tour of the London lab of Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange
Defining how we define ourselves as engineers.
An evolving collection of useful links to share when reviewing pull requests, covering CSS, accessibility, Drupal, JavaScript, and whatever else comes to mind
Reflections on the Smashing Barcelona conference
The hows and whys of making code review part of a development workflow
Very often, junior colleagues ask me what they should do in a particular situation. Very often, to the point where I feel like a broken record, my answer is "Use your judgement”. This is partly because I don’t have as much time as I’d like to guide them through how I would approach the situation, but mostly it’s because I want them to be able to figure it out for themselves.