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One morning, when I was 17 or 18, I went to school, and every boy in the sixth form had received a Gillette razor in the post. It must have been an expensive piece of marketing, but it was successful - I'm still using that razor handle more than 20 years later, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who’s ended up with some sort of brand loyalty, or at least brand inertia. The initial short term cost of sending those razors must have been made back many times over by the number of blades that the recipients will have bought over the years since then.
A conversation the other day reminded me about when my old band was big in Japan. Well, medium-sized in Japan, anyway. We'd released our album in the UK on our own label, and it had been critically acclaimed. We signed a deal with Sony to release it in Japan, and we were all very excited about the prospect.
In a lot of markets, it’s very difficult to distinguish between offerings. A lot of products and services are essentially the same. Hotels understand this - they're all basically the same. Who cares about the number of stars the hotel has? That probably just means they have a business centre with a fax machine. As long as the bed is comfortable, the room is clean, and it’s near where you need to be, everything else is just garnish.