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Is cycling a socialist act? Politics, plebs, punctures, and the contrast between Jeremy Corbyn and Jeremy Clarkson
I give blood as often as I can, and I’d like to encourage more people to do it more often. It gives me a nice feeling to do something to help other people - as with most of us, I don’t do that often enough. It doesn’t take long, and it could literally save a life. Being one to overthink everything, I also feel like there’s something inherently socialist about the act of sharing your blood with your fellow humans. The connection between blood and self is so intimate, and here we are giving it away.
OK, so the title is maybe a little irrelevant and inflammatory, but what's wrong with a little clickbait once in a while? I like to feel as if I'm taking the moral high ground because I don't use Uber. They epitomise the worst excesses of Silicon Valley "disruption" and I think they are a negative force in the world.