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How might the informal economy be affected by the advent of a cashless society?
Why are so many parents addicted to their phones? Why are we so afraid of boredom? Why am I deleting Twitter from my phone?
OK, so the title is maybe a little irrelevant and inflammatory, but what's wrong with a little clickbait once in a while? I like to feel as if I'm taking the moral high ground because I don't use Uber. They epitomise the worst excesses of Silicon Valley "disruption" and I think they are a negative force in the world.
A while ago I went to a gig with a friend. As the lights went down, my friend took her phone out of her pocket and started fiddling around with it. The bright light of the screen distracted me from the show, and I couldn't stop myself from looking what she was up to. She was on twitter, telling people she was at the gig. People watching half the gig through camera phones are annoying enough, but this just seemed pointless to me. I wondered why she couldn't just sit back and enjoy the show.
Everyone is selfish. That's the conclusion it's hard to avoid when cycling around a big city. Cyclists, taxi drivers, white van drivers, pedestrians, we're all guilty, and it poses some uncomfortable questions about human nature. We amber gamble, we cross the road wherever we feel like it, we do u-turns without indicating. Maybe all road users should be forced to use other means of transport once in a while. When I'm driving, cyclists annoy me, and when I'm cycling I'll be cursing a motorist every few hundred metres. And don't get me started on pedestrians...