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The anatomy and life cycle of good and bad bug reports, and the value of learning to use your issue tracker for clearer communication between testers, developers, and clients
Automated testing is definitely a good thing. Nearly all development teams should do more of it. But it's still important for humans to test, because people are better than machines at lots of things, and they're more flexible. Having said that, testing is boring, and testers often forget that what they should be doing is this:
I've been involved in quite a few UAT sessions with clients, and they can be very frustrating for a developer. You've spent weeks working on something only for someone who knows next to nothing about it to say that it's all terrible. The temptation is to go on the defensive, and adopt a default position of reject all bug reports, especially when confronted with irritations like:
This is a collection of a bunch of dummy content files. A client needed a website with lots of file uploads, and wanted to test that all the file formats worked. So here is a whole load of lorem ipsum type files for Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and a whole bunch of other common file formats. The source is on GitHub, and if you can think of any more file formats that might fit with these, please let me know.