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A few years ago, following an overnight deployment, I managed to delete a large proportion of the content on a client’s website. There are all kinds of excuses I could make, but the fact is that I did something stupid because I wasn't concentrating properly. The deployment had introduced some odd bugs, and the client were making a lot of noise about them. In my sleep-deprived state, I made a bad choice about the right way to fix a problem, and my choice caused a bigger problem.
Once upon a time, before I became a web developer, I worked doing sound and light for events. Like web development, the hours tend to be long, and the work tends to attract anti-social oddballs. Unlike web development, you deal with rock stars. Like most professions, it’s full of jargon and in-jokes. One of the phrases in common usage in that industry was “close enough for rock and roll”.
It’s a strange feeling to be going on holiday as the project I’m working on reaches a crunch time. I’m really ready for a break, and I’ve been working too hard, but part of me wants the project manager to ask me to cancel my holiday, to say that the team couldn’t possibly cope without me.
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