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Format codeFormat description2024-07-13T18:58:43+00:00
dDay of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros13
DA textual representation of a day, three lettersSat
jDay of the month without leading zeros13
lA full textual representation of the day of the weekSaturday
NISO-8601 numeric representation of the day of the week - 1 (for Monday) through 7 (for Sunday)6
SEnglish ordinal suffix for the day of the month, 2 charactersth
wNumeric representation of the day of the week - 0 (for Sunday) through 6 (for Saturday)6
zThe day of the year (starting from 0)194
WISO-8601 week number of year, weeks starting on Monday28
FA full textual representation of a month, such as January or MarchJuly
mNumeric representation of a month, with leading zeros - 01 through 1207
MA short textual representation of a month, three lettersJul
nNumeric representation of a month, without leading zeros7
tNumber of days in the given month31
LWhether it's a leap year1
oISO-8601 year number - if the ISO week number (W) belongs to the previous or next year, that year is used instead2024
YA full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits2024
yA two digit representation of a year24
aLowercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem pm
AUppercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiemPM
BSwatch Internet time832
g12-hour format of an hour without leading zeros6
G24-hour format of an hour without leading zeros 18
h12-hour format of an hour with leading zeros06
H24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros18
iMinutes with leading zeros58
sSeconds, with leading zeros43
eTimezone identifierUTC
IWhether or not the date is in daylight saving time 1 if Daylight Saving Time, 0 otherwise.0
ODifference to Greenwich time (GMT) in hours+0000
PDifference to Greenwich time (GMT) with colon between hours and minutes+00:00
TTimezone abbreviationUTC
ZTimezone offset in seconds. The offset for timezones west of UTC is always negative, and for those east of UTC is always positive.0
cISO 8601 date2024-07-13T18:58:43+00:00
rRFC 2822 formatted dateSat, 13 Jul 2024 18:58:43 +0000
USeconds since the Unix Epoch (January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT)1720897123
j M YShort date format13 Jul 2024
Y-m-dSQL date format2024-07-13