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10 Apr 2014

As I've said before, geeks like control, but sometimes it's good to cede control.

On my iPod I have a smart playlist of things I haven't listened to yet, which is mostly full of podcasts.

10 Apr 2014

Writing helps to clarify your thoughts, and I should do more of it. I used to do it a lot, when I had more time on my own. Work, marriage and parenthood get in the way, but there isn't really an excuse - it's always possible to make time for something if you value it enough. You just have to stop spending time doing something else.

24 Mar 2014

Having used Sass for a while now, I’d never go back to straight CSS.

Compass is also a great time-saving extension, particularly for generating sprites.

Recently I came across a surprising bug in a site I was building.

11 Mar 2014

A conversation the other day reminded me about when my old band was big in Japan. Well, medium-sized in Japan, anyway.

5 Mar 2014

In a lot of markets, it’s very difficult to distinguish between offerings. A lot of products and services are essentially the same.

Hotels understand this - they're all basically the same. Who cares about the number of stars the hotel has? That probably just means they have a business centre with a fax machine.