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17 Nov 2017
How might the informal economy be affected by the advent of a cashless society?
10 Nov 2017
Introducing the Knowledge Funeral - an opportunity to mourn and celebrate the passing of our obsolete skills
17 Oct 2017
Is cycling a socialist act? Politics, plebs, punctures, and the contrast between Jeremy Corbyn and Jeremy Clarkson
6 Oct 2017
Why are so many parents addicted to their phones? Why are we so afraid of boredom? Why am I deleting Twitter from my phone?
12 Sep 2017
I recently reached a goal that, for a long time, I never knew existed, and never imagined I'd care about. I’ve made it to 50 Parkruns. I’ve been there, and done that, although I haven't got the T-shirt yet.
12 Aug 2017
After the recent terrorist attack at London Bridge, safety barriers appeared, as if by magic, on the bridges over the Thames. Protecting pedestrians from vehicles being driven at them, surely that's a good idea, right? I wasn't so sure.
26 Jun 2017
Reporting from the Lead Developer conference London 2017
18 Jun 2017
On the moral dilemma facing a cyclist at an empty set of traffic lights in the middle of the night.
21 Mar 2017
Like many British people, I'm mildly obsessed with the class system. But something we don't talk about enough is the paradox that having more money means that you don't need money so much. It's much more expensive to be poor than it is to be rich. So many things in our financial system are skewed in favour of people who already have money.
21 Feb 2017
Why developers might need to slow down when their project is behind schedule.