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30 May 2018
Why we needed the MiniDisc to help us get Spotify, and why Uber for dogs makes sense to us
27 Apr 2018
If we can't entirely break down the wall that designs are thrown over, let's at least put a gate in it.
26 Apr 2018
One morning, when I was 17 or 18, I went to school, and every boy in the sixth form had received a Gillette razor in the post.
2 Apr 2018
As parents, we all want our children to learn new skills, but sometimes a little learning is a dangerous thing. As a friend once said, “you spend ages trying to get your kids to talk, and once they do, you wish they’d shut up”. At the moment, one skill my daughter has unfortunately learned is the ability to make Spotify repeat the same song forever.
8 Feb 2018
For such a simple sport, people can really make running complicated. Fancy shoes, performance fabrics, nutrition supplements, and GPS watches all give us opportunities to spend money, while there’s a whole industry devoted to thinking up ever more inventive training regimes.
21 Jan 2018
Why smoking, drinking, and eating sweets might actually be good for you
5 Dec 2017
The invented lyrics in the soundtrack to my weird inner world
5 Dec 2017
How the patterns and puzzles of Japanese drew me in to climb a language learning ladder
17 Nov 2017
How might the informal economy be affected by the advent of a cashless society?