RTFM - keyboard shortcuts for NetBeans

August 03, 2011

There are so many useful shortcuts in most pieces of software, and you can usually customise them as well.

When developing, I use Netbeans IDE, and it has a lot of good stuff, that I wish I’d known about a lot earlier.

Here are some that I use all the time:

  • Neatly format your code with indents (you can set your preferences at Tools > Options > Editor > Formatting) : Alt-Shift-F
  • Jump to the corresponding tag (e.g. from
    to its closing
    , or from { to }: Ctrl-[
  • Jump to last edit: Ctrl-Q

There’s more here.

The only problem is when fat finger syndrome strikes, and you then need to use the most valuable shortcut on any piece of software: Ctrl-Z