Rules for cycling in London

August 29, 2011

Not in any particular order, and far from finished, but here is my advice to cyclists in big cities:

  • don’t wear SPDs
    yes, in theory you’ll be faster once you get up to speed, but there will be a lot of faffing about while you clip out and in at every set of lights, and you will be annoyingly slow while you do so
  • don’t run red lights
    A controversial one, for some reason, and a lot of cyclists do it, but here’s why I think you shouldn’t
    • it’s dangerous
    • it pisses people off
  • don’t go down the inside of buses
    it’s just stupid - people will be getting on and off the bus
  • don’t try to undertake lorries
    it’s dangerous. Don’t do it.
  • smile
    be polite to other road users. Let other people go first sometimes
  • think
  • look around you
  • be aware of your speed relative to other road users
    if you got overtaken by another cyclist thirty seconds ago, don’t force your way past them while they’re waiting at the lights. They’re faster than you, and they’ll have to overtake you again, which will probably involve a manoeuvre with a car right behind them
  • remember that it’s not a race