Random discoveries aren't algorithmic

As I've said before, geeks like control, but sometimes it's good to cede control.

On my iPod I have a smart playlist of things I haven't listened to yet, which is mostly full of podcasts.

One problem is that it's too easy for things to start feeling like a chore - your feed reader becomes another backlog to wade through.

Unplanned discoveries can often bring a lot of joy, and that isn't something that Amazon's algorithms can capture - Louis CK makes a similar point.

I used to be a fan of stumbleupon, but I haven't used it for a while.

When I visit a new city, I love wandering around with only a vague idea of where I'm heading. It's so nice to turn a corner and see something unexpectedly interesting.

Very often the place you were going to isn't as interesting as you thought it would be, anyway. It's the things you see on the way that make the journey worthwhile.

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