Bytes and megabytes conversion calculator

Convert between memory units

Because my memory is terrible (no pun intended), I never remember to include the -h flag when I type ls on the command line, and because I'm not that good at maths, whenever I see a command line telling me that a file is so many bytes I can never work out what that means. So I built this quick calculator to tell me.

byte123456 B
kilobyte (210 bytes)120.6 kB
megabyte (220 bytes)0.1 MB
gigabyte (230 bytes)0.0001 GB
terabyte (240 bytes)0.0000001 TB
petabyte (250 bytes)0.0000000001 PB
exabyte (260 bytes)0.0000000000001 EB
zettabyte (270 bytes)0.0000000000000001 ZB
yottabyte (280 bytes)0.0000000000000000001 YB