Bytes and megabytes conversion calculator

Because my memory is terrible (no pun intended), I never remember to include the -h flag when I type ls on the command line, and because I’m not that good at maths, whenever I see a command line telling me that a file is so many bytes I can never work out what that means. So I built this quick calculator to tell me.

byte123456.0 B
kilobyte120.562500 kB
megabyte0.1177368164062500 MB
gigabyte0.0001149773597717285156 GB
terabyte0.000000112282577902079 TB
petabyte0.0000000001096509549825 PB
exabyte0.0000000000001070810107 EB
zettabyte0.000000000000000104571 ZB
yottabyte0.0000000000000000001021 YB